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Casio ProTrek PRG-80

From Guides

The casio ProTrek PRG-80 is a line of wrist watches by casio. They all features clocks, compasses, barometers, thermometers and altimeters.

Official website: http://www.casio-intl.com/wat/protrek/triple_sensor/prg-80.html


Product verions

  • PRG-80YT-1VER
  • PRG-80-1VER
  • PRG-80L-2VER
  • PRG-80L-3VER
  • PRG-80T-7VER

Other features

All watches in the range also have a solar power unit. They can run for 6 month on full power without exposure to light.


of PRG-80L-3VER version from Soldier99's Post

Can i just make a very quick reccomendation for the Pro trek 80L....

It the best watch i've ever had, due to the following:

1. Built in digital comapass including current bearing accurate to <1 degree.

2. Barometer, Altimiter and thermometer all built in.

3. Good size, tough little cookie.

A short reiew i know, but all in all, it really is a great little gadget!

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