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Vango Pumori

From Guides

The Pumori is a rucksack by Vango. It has a 60+10 litre capacity.

Official website: not found

The Pumor's main compartment can be accessed from the top and bottom of the bag. It also has a zipped pocket on each site. It has an adjustable back, intended to make it more comfortable when worn.


from David's Post

I have an old (by my standards!) vango pumori 60+10. I've had it for around 10 years. I'd felt sure certain parts like the carry handle should have ripped at times (completely filling it with text books would be one) but it's not even looking worn (it amazes me how it is still in such good condition in fact). Very comfortable on the back and pretty good on the hips (my body doesn't put much padding on the hips sadly). Seems a good size to me - I wouldn't want any bigger, but if you've got less stuff there's no law to fill it to the top is there??

(review posted in the forums 12/2007)

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