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Normal watches can be used for many outdoor activities, but certain improvements are commonly incorporated into watches to make them better suited to specific activities.


  • Splashproof: since most outdoor activities involve the chance of rain, splashproofing is a common feature on watches designed for outdoor or sport use. Splashproofing means that drops may fall on the watch without damaging it, it does not indicate a resistance to submersion in water.
  • Shockproof: this is another fairly common feature on watches for outdoor use, since rough use is more common. It could be espcially useful for an activity such as climbing.
  • Waterproof: the word waterproof is usually used to mean resistance to complete submersion in water. Waterproof equipment is typically stated to a certain depth. This value is of main importance in diving watches.
  • Temperature resistance: since temperature is dependant on location, this is generally an issue only for certain activities. Temperature resistance is often stated with mountaineering in mind.

Other Features

Some watches also carry the following specialised features for outdoor use:

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